1)  Make certain that the nozzle of the butane canister you are using fits the iolite vaporizer correctly. The Iolite manufacturer recommends that you use a rubber tip or adapter on your butane can nozzle to ensure the life of the valve. There should NOT be any butane spillage while filling the vaporizer unit until after the tank is full. At this point, it is normal for a small amount of spillage to occur. (We recommend you refill the unit every time before using.)

2) After filling the unit with butane gently grasp the iolite vaporizer between the palms of your hands for few minutes to warm up the butane inside the unit. This step can usually be avoided as long as the unit is left at room temperature for at least half and hour or so.

3) Once warm, you can turn the iolite vape on (move switch from 0 to 1 position) and be sure you hear a steady "hiss" of the butane being released. If there is any sputtering, it is likely that the butane inside the unit is still too cold, or has become clogged from using low-grade, unrefined butane. This is remedied by getting higher refined butane or trying to warm it up more. Manufacturer recommeneds Vector brand as the butane. If you hear no hiss, please try venting the butane tank. You can see an illustration on how to do this on VaporizerUSA guides. If you absolutely cannot get the unit to hiss after following the instructions in this guide and troubleshooting tips please contact the iolite manufacturer regarding your warranty. New Iolite units come with a 2 year warranty. DO NOT send you vaporizer anywhere without obtaining confirmation from the receiving party first.

4) Let the unit hiss for 5-10 seconds then push and hold in the ignition button for 1-2 seconds. You may need to do this a few times for the unit to ignite. (It may be difficult to light unit outdoors if there is wind.) Look for the blue spark inside the vented section area when pushing in the ignition button. (If you're having difficulty seeing it, it helps to be in a dark room.) 

5) Once the unit ignites, you will see an orange glow from where you saw the blue spark. It is normal for this glow to go on and off by itself causing the unit to get warmer while on. There is an internal regulator that controls the heating "cycles" for you to maintain a constant temperature. 

6) Once finished, turn the unit off by moving the switch from the 1 to the 0 position. It may continue to cycle 1 or 2 more times before finally shutting off. This is normal. Be sure to empty the herb chamber between uses to avoid burning and residual build-up.

It is important to use a high-quality butane fuel. The manufacturer recommends: Vector, Colibri, Newport, Dunhill, Braun, and Power for use with the Iolite Vaporizer. You should be able to use any butane as long as it is at least triple refined. If you are looking to upgrade to a refined high-grade butane, we have some of the best stuff on the market. Vector butane is refined 5 times for a very clean and healthy taste. It can be found on our site here:



If you are experiencing any problems with your iolite portable vaporiser please follow the following steps. If you still have problems please contact the store you bought it from or the manufacturer.

**CUSTOMER TIP: Overfilling the butane tank each time may lead to poor valve performance. It may be beneficial to vent your tank (directions below) and try filling with less butane (fill for no more than 3 seconds). You know you are "overfilling" once you get butane fluid spilling out.

Please follow the troubleshooting below to vent and refill the iolite with at least 3x refined butane fuel, preferably 5x refined and brands with the ‘Near Zero Impurities’ Logo are the best. (Vector, Colibri, London, Newport, Xikar) 

Also please use a new can of butane for this procedure. (Please note this may need to be done at least twice)

1. Please make sure to read the warning on the back of your can of butane before proceeding with the following instructions.

2. Move to a well ventilated area, outside is best.

3. Make sure the unit is off. Turn the unit upside down and point away from your body. Make sure your face is not in the path of the released gas.

4. Using the small end of the handtool (if you have the newer hand tool it will be too large to use, in this case use the lid of a biro or something that will fit but not damage the valve), depress the gas valve and let all the gas dispel ensuring to keep hands clear of liquid gas spraying from the valve, this may take up to or more than 1 minute, it will be empty when you can no longer hear a hiss.

5. Please do not use a nearly empty can of butane fuel as this may cause problems with the functioning of the iolite.

6. Hold the iolite in one hand with the gas valve at the top.

7. With your other hand hold the butane can upside down.

8. Position the butane can at an angle and offer it to the filling valve then move the can perpendicular to the filling valve ensuring a good seal.

9. Press down gently but firmly (excessive spray back is a sign that either the butane can has not created a proper seal or the gas tank may already be full).

10. When the iolite is full, there will be visible spray back of fuel from the valve.

11. Leave the iolite to stand for at least 5 minutes (always do this after refuelling).

12. Turn the iolite on. Don't try to ignite it.

13. Leave it to run for about 15 minutes.

14. Repeat the above steps.

15. Press the igniter in a firm and sharp manner (you may need to do this up to 3 times for ignition to occur).

16. The red glow may not appear for a few seconds after ignition.

Bleeding the Unit

Often times when the butane chamber empties air is trapped in the unit. This will make refilling the unit very hard and it will not fill at all, only partially fill or will fill correctly. Even worse, the trapped air when forced through the unit to when trying to ignite the unit  and expelling the butane can damage the chamber, the nozzle or Iolite unit as a whole.

To bleed the unit press and work with nozzle with a slender, sturdy device (like a small screw driver) and release all the air. Press down on the nozzle to release, some excess butane may remain and spray so be careful, but continue to press till all air is released and no more sound is heard.

NOTE: Be careful not to damage nozzle then you will never be able to fill the unit correctly again and this damage is not covered under warranty

Instructions for removing a broken mouthpiece from the iolite herb chamber

  • Find a utensil such as scissors, knife or a Bic bird lid
  • If you have large scissors open them out
  • Insert the utensil into the top of the herb chamber
  • Turn the utensil counter clockwise to unscrew the tip
  • Carefully pull the tip out

If you are having difficulty turning the broken piece, this may be due to resin build up from the vaporization of herbs. 
To remove the mouthpiece, warm the chamber, either in the iolite by turning it on or in a bowl of boiling water. 

Be sure to handle carefully to avoid burns and unscrew the part.